For over a century, we’ve been finding the best beans, creating the best blends, mixing the most delicious flavors, then delivering them to you at affordable prices, so that great coffee, frappés and cappuccinos are always within reach.

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Top off your meetings with a little extra flavor

You like your meetings quick. Your work finished. And your coffee and cappuccino Hills Bros.®

Hills Bros. Original Blend Coffee Tin

Being good for the planet. I’ll drink to that.

You’re not just imagining it – coffee that’s good for the environment REALLY does taste better.

  • Good for the environment

    Steel cans are infinitely recyclable, unlike plastic which can be recycled a limited amount of times.

  • Good for reuse

    Decorate it. Fill it. Dip a paint brush in it. After the last scoop, put your can to work for you.

  • Good for coffee

    Like your coffee fresh? Cans keep it that way, too — for up to two years.

Cappuccino recipe tips

Fan Tip 1:

I add 1/3 cup French Vanilla to white or yellow cake mix! –Lisa S.

Fan Tip 2:

I add it to my eggs and milk when making French toast. –Michelle C.

Fan Tip 3:

Add vanilla ice cream in a blender with 3 heaping tsp. of Hills Bros.® Cappuccino French Vanilla. Blend on high speed and have yourself a smoothie shake. –Kathy B.

Hills Bros. Salted Caramel Box With Coffee
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