Commitment To Accessibility For All

Here at Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA, Inc., we aim to ensure that our websites are accessible to all of our customers, irrespective of a personal impairment.  We work hard to ensure that all customers are able to conduct business on our websites through the use of various technologies, including screen readers and other available software.  We consult and work with leading experts in the field of accessibility to implement “best practices” and we conduct periodic testing for accessibility of all of our digital properties.  The goal of these efforts is to promote our websites’ accessibility so that everyone may enjoy a successful, effortless and seamless purchasing experience.


We recognize that at times difficulty still may be encountered, notwithstanding our best efforts.  If that occurs, we urge our customers to contact us by telephone on 1.844.365.2739 or by email at  When you do, you will find our customer service representatives happy to work with you to achieve the transaction and results that you are seeking using, where available, a communication method best suited for you.  We also hope, using such same contact information, that you will provide us with any feedback or suggestions as to how you believe we may improve the online experience for you.


Ensuring accessibility for all is an ongoing process and we appreciate both your business and your understanding.