Classic Cappuccino - Instant Cappuccino Mix


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Edward Hughes
Class Capp Addict

I dunno why, but Classic Cappuccino just really hits it for me. Unfortunately, it seems to be a dying “flavor” as you cannot find it in stores or even on Amazon anymore. So had to go to the source. I am grateful, but it’s almost twice the cost on the website and shipping just cramps my style. But I ordered some ‘cause I’m addicted to the stuff. Help a brother out a make the prices more inline with the other flavors in the stores!

Christine Wolfe
Best Instant Coffee Ever

I have been drinking Classic Cappuccino - Instant Cappuccino Mix for many years, it has a great taste and just enough coffee in it to enjoy the flavor.

Ralph Tucker

I like classic cappuccino coffee very much... Have used it for years...

Nancy S
Excellent Sweet Flavor

I like to mix this flavor with the Double Mocha and another brand of Mocha that isn’t sweet enough. Together they make my perfect combination! Have done this for years. Never find this in the store, nor can I find the Double Mocha either which used to be at Walmart for $3.62 for years. Now price is almost double. Ordered from the Hills Brother site so I could get both flavors. Price is high but I got them!

Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix - Classic Cappuccino?

My favorite flavor and the hardest one to find in our local area. Don't know why. It sells out as soon as it hits the shelf and, generally, the store only orders one case (6 containers) of this product. Really, how many flavors of vanilla coffee does a store need to sell? Why stores can't buy what the people want is beyond me. Thank goodness this particular flavor can be purchased on-line and at a reasonable price. Thank you for doing this.